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Bamboo pallet has good advantage for stacking green concrete blocks and it is of high strength pressed by the block machine .

Bamboo pallets have several quality standards. Around 80% of bamboo pallets are useful for interiors only and have no industrial usage like block making machines and wagon flooring.

Our Bamboo Pallet Description:

Compared with wood pallet, these products have characteristics of impact resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non-deformation,and long cycle of reuse and so on. It can be used regularly in the temperature of -50-140 no cracking and no degumming

Bamboo Pallet is working with the main block/brick machine as the carrier of the green blocks/brick in brick plant

The life span : over three years

Guarantee: One years after shipment

Density: 0.85-1.05 g/cm3

We produce different sizes as per customer's detailed requirement.

The normal size is following :




1100 *680

1100 *950

940* 830

1100* 570

1400 *1100


1200 *1000

 etc ...



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