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Laminate Floor Designs---Follow One's Heart
The 3-strip look is also known as longstrip. Composed of three adjoining strips, longstrip is very lively in expression.
Through its slender shape. Plank Loft which comes with and without a bevelled edge-emphasises the plank character even stronger than the usual plank design.
Those who like the more clear-cut lines will take to the 2-trip design. Two adjoining strips leave ample room for the typical character of the individual style.
In terms of size, the design of Strip Riva with bevelled edge corresponds the classical hardwood strip flooring and thus exhibits a particularly prestigious appearance.
The classical plank is one of the most popular laminate floor variants and portrays a generous look which lends the room a spacious appearance.



EverJade Safe Click System
  Simple and convenient
Single gomphosis technology has been applied in EverJade safe click system. What you need to do is to press only and finish floor installation. The quickest method is 'two direction rotation method'. First click short sides together, then, click the long ones in the same rotating way too. It is as easy as twinkle. Owe to EverJade convenient click system, the floor can be installed so perfectly. The click system can guaranteed that you can finish floor installation faster and more simply than other methods.
Definitely accurate
Suitable for underfloor heating
EverJade click system can guarantee that the floor can reach stricter quality and precision standard. The installed floor can present perfect look in horizontal and vertical directions, even when close to the floor, it is very difficult for you to distinguish the seam between the floors clearly. EverJade click system has changed traditional heat transfer and ventilation system from wood conductor to air conductor to save the energy and reduce the floor distortion.


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