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The precautions of using the laminated flooring and general knowledge.
Maintenance and Repairing:
1. Place a piece of bolster outside the door to prevent grits and clays from bring onto the room floorboard.
2. Lay protector under the heavy to prevent the floorboard from being pressed.
3. Keep indoor temperature between 40% and 60% all the year as far as possible, and reduce the natural expansion and shrinkage of floorboard.
4. Avoid sharp articles scratching the floorboard.
5. Avoid stepping on the floorboard wearing high-heel shoes to prevent it from sagging.
6. Can newly lay the furniture and carpet on the floorboard periodically, so that the floorboard color can keep even, for being irradiated by ultraviolet radiations in sun's rays, the floorboard made of different woods will have different degrees of changes in color.
7. Please often cut animals nails to prevent the floorboard from scratching.
8. Can not pull furniture or other heavy electrical appliances on the floorboard.
9. Can not throw burning stump or match on the floorboard.
Cleaning and Treatment
1. The ordinary floor is unsuitable to pave in the kitchen and bathroom. If want to lay, propose using the sauna flooring;
2. When there is chewing gum stuck on the floorboard, you can first scratch it with bamboo knife, and then dip wet cloth in coal oil and alcohol in turn to wipe.
3. After the floor was just laid, should keep the circulation of the indoor air frequently;
4. In order to guarantee the quality stability after the floor is installed, after installing 12 hours, personnel can get about, the furniture could be moved and put;
5. Articles overweight should be put steadily. To furniture and heavy object, not to drag and push, so as not to scratch the surface;
6. Often carry through dust absorption and cleaning for the floorboard to reduce the damage made by grits to the floorboard as far as possible.
7. Often clean the floorboard with the wet cloth having wrung out, but should not wash it with water to prevent it from distorting.
8. For cleaning the spots on the floorboard, you can use two cups of water and three tangerine peels to boil for extractive, and then dip cleaning cloth into it and wring out to clean the floorboard, thus the floorboard can be wiped as clean as the new. Please not use wax, cleanser, polishing compound or anti-fouling agent, or not scrape with iron wire ball.
Which performance demands does the laminated floor have mainly?
The main technical indicator of the laminated floor divide into two, one is groovy measuring index, including wear-resisting revolution, formaldehyde release, absorb water expand ratio,etc., the index general regular manufacturing enterprise can reach the national standard; Second for can't measure index, such as the cut precision of unsmooth trough, level drop, floor horizontal crook (Commonly called as the banana board), design accuracy, etc., the level of this kind of index is influencing the quality of the floor directly.


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